Hawks loses its peculiarity in My Hero Academia? Answered

It is certain to say that, of the many professional heroes in the anime and manga My Hero Academia, Hawks is one of the most abuse than one would expect. Mattered, burned and bruised in the course of the operation to end the paranormal liberation front, he remains in a state less than ideal at the end of the conflict. You probably have realized this for yourself, but given how serious the damage to its wings is, you are probably wondering: Hawks loses its peculiarity in My Hero Academia? ?

Luckily for you, we have up to date on the series, and we have a definitive answer for you. However, it is worth mentioning that we will have to enter minor spoilers.

Hawks loses its wings in My Hero Academia? Answered

The good news is that No, Hawks does not lose the ability to use his peculiarity fierce wings Although Habit burned them until he was crispy.

While Yokohama makes it look like Hawks’s back is burned beyond recognition or recovery after his fight with Habit, it is shown that his wings are recovering in the following weeks and months through new feathers that begin to grow through the scars of burns. It is then shown that they can be used in a much smaller state during the final arch of the series, in which it can help the remaining professional heroes in their struggle to stop All For One.

However, with all this said, Hawks has some scars and lasting lesions of his fight with Habit. While their fierce wings cure and return to some extent, they are not as powerful as they were before Dali’s flames burn them. They are visibly smaller than they were before the arc of the paranormal liberation war, and it is not clear if they can ever heal completely.

This in turn means that Hawks has much fewer feathers to work in combat. As a result, it has to be much more careful with the way you use the feathers that you still have available and cannot respond to multiple threats with the same ease with which it did in the past.

Hopefully this is clarified whether Hawks loses your quirk in My Hero Academia . To get more information about the series, see any of the articles related below. We also have many other explanatory guides of My Hero Academia that you can consult, including some about how to read each arch of my hero academy in order, if Best Pianist is dead or not, and what is the theory of the end of the world of the uniqueness of Quirk.

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