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Task No: The Lunar Eclipse mask takes a day on gaming consoles and computer for next March 9

On this side of the world, Goa Team will market Project Absolutely no: the mask of the lunar eclipse in 2 distinct electronic versions: Criterion and also Digital Deluxe. Hence, any kind of buyer of the game upstream of March 22 will be compensated with a costume Marie Rose Clothing straight from To Life or dead, while the most in a rush who will get their hands on the portfolio prior to March 9 will see their guard-Floated outfit with four new clothing for RKA, Miami and Cheshire, 3 of whom will be unique to each of these characters as well as a 4th will certainly be typical to them.

Announced hardly greater than a month earlier on Change, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Collection as well as PC through Steam, Portage of Project Zero: the Lunar Eclipse mask – Sort originally on Wii In 2008, the concerning get out of the timber permanently with an advertising date wedged on March 9, 2023.

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Lastly, the owners of Task No: the priestess of black waters with a back-up of the game will obtain the bonus Electronic camera obscure. Goa Team likewise transmitted a brand-new trailer for its title that you can discover listed below.

Job Zero: the mask of the lunar-band eclipse