Prototype data of the live -action video game THE SACRED POOLS not released Sega Soft Published -1996 A title that made a legendary debut but became an illusion

Former staff owned by the company’s FMV (live-action video) game THE SACRED POOLS , which was scheduled to be released in 1997 as Erotic Stiller. I was discovered when I was. Gaming Alexandria has released the PC/PSX version of the data on the net.

The Sacred Pools made a legendary debut in E3 in 1996, but it was not actually released, and there were only a few years left in game magazines without any photo data or information. Only the text was known. According to the press release at the time, the game stage was once safe and beautiful, but now is a land that is full of temptation and dangerous land. The story is to expand mainly on the mysterious holy crystals on the island, and after searching for mazes scattered around the country and encountering enemies, they get crystals. The development budget was 2 to 3 million dollars at the time. Many female casts appeared in the game, and there were no nude or sexual depictions, but they seemed to be a slightly crisp costume.

According to Gaming Alexandria’s commentary, the miserable year for Sega has a significant impact on the background of the development of this work. The new game console Sega Saturn was furious at the retail store, and the company’s internal conflict reached the peak, and the company’s trust was gradually collapsed. Sega soft, founded in February 1996, is an independent branch office under Sega of America and CSK Corporation to compete in an entrepreneur in the United States, and does not need to be aware of children. Acquire freedom to develop what you like. Among them, a title like The Sacred Pools was realized.

1996 THE SACRED POOLS exhibited at E3. We opened a luxurious party with the theme of Amazon, the motif of the game, and attracted attention, but the genre of the FMV began to decline, and many critics judge this work as too late. As a result of the postponement of the game many times, in the middle of 1997, it disappeared quietly from the schedule, and it was known as a title with little information until the existence of data that had been stored for more than 20 years was discovered. I did it.

The Sega’s lost relic is The Sacred Pools, but Gaming Alexandria is more set design and costume levels that are eye-catching than any FMV game released by the company in the past. It is highly evaluated as no, and it is unfortunate for fans to close the curtain without being released.


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