HSV for the first time without minus

Ex-Finance board participant Thomas Mustered had actually created a black zero as a very large goal at the beginning of the year. In a row, the Hanseatic ones have previously scheduled a minus, a couple of weeks after the questionable clinical entrepreneur’s resignation was now provided at the Supervisory Board conference on Thursday, the yearly financial statements of Fuzzball AG will certainly be offered again-and this will probably be made up for the first time.

Mustered had won the primary enrolled Hans Merger as a feasible donor, however he combines his promise to a guarantor that still does not exist. Finance supervisor Eric Huber as a result provided numerous alternate models on Thursday.

The HSV intends to as well as should return to the peat factory in Paderborn after four triumphant competitive games straight on Sunday (1.30 p.m., live! At ), it will be economically standing in front of a small success for Hamburg criteria Annual economic statements 2021/22.

no agreement on candidates for new political elections of the managerial board

It has not yet been chosen just how points will proceed on the Supervisory Board. At the Yearly General Fulfilling in December there are brand-new elections for the control committee, however Supervisory Board Marcel Jansen has actually not yet settled on all discussed prospects with his Presidium of HSV e.V.