Japanese -speaking action BRAVERY AND GREED is supported in November. Up to 4 players compete for dungeon capture and match

Publisher Team17 announced on October 19 that it will distribute the rogue-light action game BRAVERY AND GREED on November 15. Compatible platforms are PC (Steam)/Nintendo Switch/PS4/Xbox One. Due to the time difference, Steam will be distributed in Japan on November 16th. The game is compatible with Japanese display.

Bravery and Green is an action game that supports solo play and up to four online multiplayer. The game mode is available in the adventure mode of exploring the stage and challenging the boss, a large-flock mode that defeats enemies that appear one after another, and some modes for PVP.

The main adventure mode is a dungeon search play with a rogue element. There are four types of playable characters, warriors, bandits, wizards, and Amazons, and have different characteristics, such as equipment and attack methods. Up to four people work together to destroy enemies for each area. The aim is to go through a total of five stages and defeat all six bosses.


On the stage of the adventure mode, you can enhance the character by obtaining a treasure chest when you defeat all enemies in the area or finding an altar by searching. In addition to acquiring equipment, you can learn skills that correspond to each attribute of chaos, order, darkness, and life. What kind of upgrade you can get is random every time, and your skills will be selected from three options. As a result, every time you play, you will find a different direction of reinforcement.

On stage, you may be able to meet pets called followers. It is an NPC that follows the player and fights the enemy together, and there are 13 types in total. And if the player is annihilated, losing the strengthening and starting from the beginning. However, depending on the content of the play, you can unlock the permanent upgrade element, such as adding items that appear after the next play.

The resource required for to unlock is the money earned during play. Therefore, you will collect money on the way. According to the developer, even if it is a cooperative play, it is a way to enjoy this work by taking a treasure chest, stealing gold while resuscitation of a friend, or grasping rarely loots as soon as possible. It seems to be.

One of the permanent upgrade elements is what is called Arcane. Arcane is an element that allows you to arrange the rules of gameplay, and can be played by enabling any arcane. The effects vary, such as all players sharing a single physical strength gauge during cooperative play, and being able to resurrect money during death. At the same time, a disadvantageous effect, such as increasing the enemy’s attack power, may also be activated at the same time.

Bravery and Green will be distributed on November 16 for PC (Steam) and on November 15 for Nintendo Switch/PS4/Xbox One. It is unknown at this time about the presence or absence of domestic distribution of the console version. In Steam, the trial version of this work is being distributed until October 23. If you are interested, you should try this because it is already supported by Japanese.