Valorant: Harbors first bug that has nothing to do with his skills kit

The official Valorant Harbor client has already left, the new shorter riot tactical controller, and we have already encountered a first bug. Many times this type of bugs could be associated with their skills, since despite That they are tested on special servers, something always can escape.

This time it has not been the case, and this bug is due to the speed when pointing to its enemies . This example has been made by Government, Valorant player who is in search of offers. When he began to warm up in the shooting field, he tried the new agent, and decided to practice with these bots.

To the player’s surprise, he saw how he gained speed of motion when pointing to the weapon , which could give him a considerable advantage when making duels at large distances, if you need to put the sights to shoot your Rivals at the head. This could also happen with other weapons of the game , such as the Operator.

Other bugs in previous acts

It is not the first time that the new acts of Valorant have come out with bugs . Several of them forced to disable maps and champions, as could be the case of Bind and the Cypher ** cables, with which you could break the game with a cable in the Hookah area. In addition, the bierramapas had several cameras that was indestructible to the rivals

The most flagrant was that of Ronda one with ** Astra. The games. Being a glitch, Riot also sanctioned users who tested these techniques in order to take an advantage