A plague tale: Requiem – loosen windmill puzzles

In this puzzle guide to a plague tale: Requiem you can find out:

  • Where you find the windmills

  • How you solve the windmill puzzle
  • How you get to the hidden melee weapon

Alicia Arsenal is clearly increased in a plague tale: Requiem. With knives and a crossbow you get fatal weapons in the course of the action adventure. If you solve the windmill puzzle, you will be rewarded with a additional weapon that you would otherwise miss.

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A Plague Tale: Requiem-Where can I find the windmills?

In Chapter 9 Stories and Revelations you get to know the Count and his wife on her island. After showing Alicia and Hugo their property, you can stay with them. The next day the siblings explore the island and meet Sophia again.

Run out the street outside the property until Hugo noticed a bird statue . The actual task in this chapter is to follow the bird statutes on the side of the path. To solve the windmill puzzle, you have to make a small detour.

Follow the street until you get over a bridge. Shortly afterwards lead stone stairs on the right to a few rocks and behind it, you can see four huge windmills.

Where can I find the secret smuggler hiding place?

Behind the windmills, a hill leads to several unnatural stone arches . Run through and turn to the right. There you can see a ladder who leads into a secret tunnel. In the end you reach a rock wall on which the image of a windmill is scribbled.

In what order do I have to switch the windmills?


In order for the rock wall to open in the cave, and you can enter the secret smuggler hide, you have to switch the windmills in a certain order . If you are in front of the mills, the two have to turn on the left and the two on the right have to stand still. In order to activate the respective mechanism in the windmills or bring to a standstill, you have to collapse into the mills.

enter windmills: How do I get inside?

Windmill number 1: switch off

Three out of four windmills are closed and cannot simply be entered by the main entrance. Only the door of the first windmill is open . Go in, run up the stairs, and you reach the large switch that turns on the windmill.

Windmill number 2: Switch off

Go to the next windmill. On the back, a rope is attached to a stake . Pulls on it and the box stack on the windmill collapses. You can get into the window over the last remaining box and control the mechanism inside. There are a few pieces at the window to the left side that you need to upgrade equipment in a plague tale: Requiem.

Windmill number 3: Switch on

Go behind the wooden fence in third windmill and push the cart to the side . A hole in the outer wall becomes free. Send Hugo through and lock the door for you. Climb onto the pedestal and you reach the lever.

Windmill number 4: Switch on

There is a wooden framework on the last windmill. Below you will find a chest with crafting material. Then go around the fence and crawl through the cart . Flow a stone through the window onto the chain that closes the door. Now you come in and can press the last lever.

How do I achieve arm protection?

If you switched the windmills as described above, the stone gate opens in the cave. Alicia will note that she heard a strange sound. Go back into the cave. After the stone gate, a long staircase leads down. Follow the jetty and you reach a treasury.

There are two hidden chests, in which you can find eleven pieces and some sulfur. There is a barrel between the chests on which the arm protection is located. Alicia automatically equips it as soon as you cancel it. With the help of the arm protection, Alicia recovers faster of attacks when a soldier caught and attacked you.

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