Super People, the opening of the super tournament with a total prize money of 1.5 billion won

Wonder People (CEO BYU Coal) is a new FPS Battle Royale Game , which is developed by the company and provides early access (pre-done) through the global game service platform Steam (STEAM). It announced on the 14th that it will hold the content ‘Super Tournament’.

Super Tournament is the in-game competition of , which can be easily participated by any user at level 10 or more, and was first introduced in the last final beta test (FBT). The Super Tournament, which was held on five servers with total prize money of 100 million won every day, was evaluated as ‘fun to see’ while gaining great response not only to users who participate in the play but also to watching users.

Early access super tournaments have different changes than the FBT. First, the first super tournament, which starts from today, will be held 18 times every day until 31st.

The total prize money is also bigger than the FBT, and this time, the total prize money is expected to be fierce competition among the super Soldiers for up to 1.5 billion won ($1,080,000). In addition, the target of compensation will be expanded, and the in-game goods ‘DID’ will be paid even if they enter the finals.

The competition can be accepted every day from 3:00 pm, and any user with level 10 or more can participate. The qualifiers will start at 9 pm and will be held in the first and second rounds. It is a solo mode on weekdays (Monday-Fri), and on weekends in five servers in duo mode, and users who are confident in their skills can participate in the duo mode as solo. The Asian server with Korea is only in third-person mode.

The prize money will be paid up to $20,000 daily from Monday to Thursday, and up to $100,000 (about 143 million won) for three days from Friday to Sunday.

Prizes will be paid from 1st to 3rd place, and diamonds will be different from fourth to 64th. The total prize money is a system that is closer to the maximum prize money as the number of people participating in the tournament, the more the participants must be at least 500, and the increase in the number of prizes as the number of people increases.

Meanwhile, in Super People, various events are being held to commemorate early access. When you achieve a level 20 for a month after early access, the skins of the global top game streamers, Shroud, Time, and Chocolate, will be given, and 9 missions will be released every three weeks through Super People SNS for the first three weeks of early access. If you are completed, you can earn the corresponding costume compensation. In addition, on the 11th, the ‘SNS Follow Masterpiece Exhibition’ event, which adds four different items to the entire user if the number of Super People SNS official follows is achieved and achieved the designated step.

In addition, the company promised to renew the store to immediately purchase permanent costumes by actively reflecting users’ opinions on the method of acquiring costumes and costs. In addition, the game play will continue to add a variety of costumes to acquire a variety of costumes just by game play such as in-game events and mission rewards.

Wonder People Park Surgeon said, We can participate in the super tournament from level 10, so we will hold a tournament for a certain amount of time after the early access opening so that many people can participate as much as possible. The size is bigger, so I ask you to enjoy and enjoy a lot of Super Soldiers.

For more information on Early access and ‘Super Tournament’, you can find it on the Super People website.