Evil West Korean version, November 22, official release

H₂ Interactive Co., Ltd. (H₂ Interactive, CEO Her Jun-ha) announced that it will release the action game ‘Evil West’ PC, PS4, and PS5 Korean version of Flying Wild Hog on November 22.

The threat of darkness erodes the US pioneer. One of the last agents of the Express Confidential Vampire Emulsion Organization, you are the last defensive line to protect humans from fear that deeply rooted in darkness. Become a superhero in the harsh west, beat the vampires, break and save the United States.

In an instinctive and explosive battle, give the enemy a hell with a variety of guns, lightning Gauntlets, and much other equipment. Fight alone or in cooperation with your friends to fight with blood hungry monsters. Fight your enemies in the story-based campaign, upgrade weapons and hunting equipment. Unlock new privileges to evolve monster hunting technology, and use your own play style to defeat supernatural troops.

■ Game Features

-The fierce and stylish battle with alone or with friends
-The myth and legend reborn in a strange western worldview of a nice style
-Evolved with privileges, upgrade weapons and equipment

-This-to explore the world in the story-focused campaign and fight the enemies to save the United States.

Information on the launch of the Evil West PC, PS4, and PS5 Korean versions can be found on the official website, Facebook, and YouTube.