Regardless Of Corona: FC Bayern achieved millions

In view of the favorable economic information, club head of state Herbert Gainer permitted a swipe to the biggest Bundesliga competitor, in which he stated: Borussia Dortmund composed red numbers for the 3rd time.

The Bundesliga-Kössus FC Bayern Munich has achieved a million dollar gain in spite of the restored monetary loss during corona pandemic in the past master period.

The biggest earnings message was sponsorship and advertising with practically 225 million euros. Customarily, the employees costs of practically 325 million euros are at the top on the result side. The equity of fc Bayern Munich AG was defined with simply over 500 million euros. Sales and revenue were increased compared to the previous year.

This is a strong result. There is minimal other European top club that, like FC Bayern, has had the ability to recognize earnings in the previous three years despite the pandemic, stated CFO Jan-Christian Dressed.

The German football document champion reported sales of 665.7 million euros in the 2021/22 fiscal year at his annual general meeting in Munich. According to the economic report, the excess after tax was 12.7 million euros.

Bavarians from the record numbers from the 2018/19-before the break out of Corona-Sind still a bargain: at that time the turnover was 750.4 million euros, the earnings was 52.5 million euros.

The deputy chairman of the board introduced the figures in front of the members for the last time. The 55-year-old leaves the club after ten years.