GTA 6: Possible official announcement will take place at the end of October

Many franchise fans now firmly believe that at ** 29 of October 29 there will be the release of the GTA 6 trailer, but once again this theory is based on absolutely no solid information. Still, many rumors about the game were confirmed with the leaks.


An ad during the GTA Online Halloween event?

There is also another information that attests that the ad may occur on October 23 , when we should see a UFO appears on GTA Online, and more precisely in the strong Danced. This information comes from a well-known Leaker from Rock star, Tez2 **.

According to him and according to some data, UFOs should indeed appear during the Halloween event that is currently taking place in GTA 5 online mode, and as the discoveries made in GTA Trilogy, may be that GTA 6 announcement may be happened in GTA Online .

Many rumors were actually confirmed, such as the fact that there would be a Woman and Latin protagonist, or that vice city would be present in the game. Although not everyone is reliable, it does not mean that they are disposable either.

Faced with so many leaked videos and the constant charge of fans, it would be reasonable for rock star to make some ads to calm the audience’s mood. Especially after taking such drastic measures on their social networks.