Shurimas new champion, LOL tanker Xante released

Riot Games has started the champion update in the 2023 season by unveiling the teaser of the new champion K’Santa .

Riot unveiled the character of the character to the public by unveiling the 162nd championship teaser, which is expected to be added last year through its official online channels. As the teaser video was leaked through the overseas video platform, the official video was released early in the early days.

Dante showed his short appearance with his will to protect his city of Natural and the nation. He once again emphasized that he would be a strong tanker champion through his upper body and arms.

The information about the Dante was released earlier this year through the champion update status. In the 2023 free season update in August, the overall champion setting and background story were revealed.

Riot chose the last release champion in 2022, which will be released after Nile. Dante is a champion set in the background of NAHEMA, the city of Shrimp, which was not properly treated in the game. NUMA, an oasis city state, is an independent area that does not obey Air.

Those who fought with the monster to secure water with the only source nearby, they grew up with this oasis and formed a society of NUMA. Dante is a person who has appeared 500 years after NUMA’s seat, and is the head of warriors who hunt monsters. Nahum citizens also see him as a pride of the city.

Dante, who won a huge monster in history, made an entropy, a huge blunt, with the leather of monsters that played by itself. Basically, Entropy, which is effective in beating the enemy by beating in a blunt form, breaks the outer shell and reveals a sharp blade to tear the enemy. Therefore, in the actual game, the blunt-type Entropy is basically used and can be converted into a blade-shaped weapon for a while.


Meanwhile, Riot will conduct a CGU for the overall gameplay change after the release of the Dante. Since then, ASU, an art-oriented update that increases the ease of skin production, is targeted at ARI, and Darwin and Ishtar’s new reinforced assistant, which are sealed in the dagger, are also waiting for the launch.

As the top attack that requires a high level of play skills, the tanker Dante is officially released with the teaser, so the detailed skill introduction and launch schedule will be released soon. In particular, as the LOL 2022 World Championship is in progress, the appearance of the championships of the champion Dante can be seen.