Coro Pra, White Cat Golf pre -registration starts

Corps (COL OPL., CEO Miyamoto Takashi) announced on the 12th that it will begin pre-registration of ‘White Cat Golf’, the best golf game that can be experienced on mobile.

‘White Cat Golf’ is a sports game that is introduced after ‘White Cat Tennis’.

In particular, the sense of play that can be felt in reality is completed in the smartphone environment, creating a new type of ‘Daemon Golf Game’.

In addition, the popular characters of the ‘White Cat’ series will appear as attractive golfers, and existing fans are expected to respond.

Each character is divided according to the characteristics and characteristics, not the difference in performance, and boasts the perfect character balance.

In addition, the operation method is simple with tabs and flicks, but like reality golf, high concentration is required to use the desired pitch shots such as draws and fades.

In addition, we are preparing to launch the world at the end of October 2022, so we can play a bout with our pride with users from various countries, and there will be a championship that only the top ranking can participate.

In-game items will be paid 100% to the ‘White Cat Golf’ pre-registration participants, and additional compensation will be provided according to the number of participants.

Corona is a company that challenges the ‘new experience’ with the latest technology and original ideas with the mission of ‘Entertainment in Real Life’ entertainment with the latest technology and original ideas. Starting with the WEB game, the company is currently focusing on developing and providing smartphone games and providing investment and investment development businesses outside the game area such as XR and meths.

More details can be found on the official website and the official Twitter.