Valorant: Quetzalcóatl and Huitzilopochtli were the inspiration for one of the themes of the pass

The battle pass is a fundamental part for many players because they can obtain visual resources for their weapons and some graffiti to place in the rounds or to scare the opposites, after the announcement of the pass of episode 5 act 2 the players had large Expectations with the aspects that were presented within this pass that had a great reception from the community.

the aztec theme is brought from the hand of Raquel García together with Tammi Pendleton who with a great work team brought to life the gods of one of the most tonicity cultures of Mexico, managing to select Some deities and adapting them to the weapons of the game had a fairly difficult challenge to be able to give a phenomenal job that the community could appreciate.

Something that I enjoyed working in this design line was to be able to embed me for history and learn much more about the Aztec culture. I was commissioned to create a Ghost inspired by the Aztec deity Colonel said Raquel Garcia, Areas Artist and part of the Valorant Premium content team in Riot.


Having a very important role for this act, the design team worked for several months to be able Immortalized inside the Melee weapon a Macuahuitl, old Aztec wooden garrote with obsidian inlays as edges.

The Phantom represents Quetzalcoatl (creation), the Bucky is Huitzilopochtli (Sun and War) and the Judge is Tezcatlipoca (Night). We work together with our offices in Latin America to decide the faces for each weapon and define a unique color palette that will properly represent each deity Tammi Pedro, Supervisor of art collaborations in Valorant.

Undoubtedly, this project has been one of the most beautiful that the game design team has given us, hopefully the next aspects of weapons will be involved with cultures from other countries both from LATAM and the West and East to learn a little More than the cultures of the world, remember that agents have different nationalities, so it is possible in the future to see these projects, if you want to know the complete note, check the following link.