Open World Fishing Game Call of the Wild: The Angler Improve problems 1.05 Release -Revision of Japanese subtitles, improving graphics, etc.

EXPANSIVE WORLDS has released a patch 1.05 of the open world fishing sim Call of the Wild: The Angler .

This work is a phishing simulation that can be played with up to 12 players. Travel in the water area scattered while freely exploring the vast open world to find the best fishing spot. A variety of fish species inhabits a wide variety of locations, each of which has a unique action and characteristics. In addition, it is possible to enjoy full-fledged phishing, such as changing fish that can be caught at water temperature, water depth, and altitude.

The distributed patch 1.05 focuses on improving various problems in gameplay, especially in much feedback received from the community, so fixes QOL and UI, and graphics. There are a wide variety of things such as improvement and localization. The following is a part of the excerpts. See this patch notebook for more details.

Patch 1.05 Changes

◆ Game play

  • Achievement Ready to Rod and Roll has started to work as intended, and it has been unlocked after assembling one rod instead of three rods.

  • At the stage of UK fishing, the bug that the UK floats from the surface of the water has been modified.

  • The buoyancy settings of the frogs and popper lures have been updated, and they are not sinking too quickly.

  • Animation of reeling speed has been speeded up.

  • Fish has begun to pursue lures more aggressively.

  • The line is not easily cut.

◆ Graphic

  • The surface of the water has been settled so that it will flow more naturally with ripples.

  • The case where the water under the bridge was gone was resolved, and the criminal was judged.

  • Corrected water seams and coastline transitions, and modified water-type blend problems.

  • Fixed the funky graphic displayed on the buckwheat rod.

  • Boats do not sink on a lake near a specific Floating Weather Station.

◆ Localization

  • Part of the text displayed in simplified Chinese and Japanese has been corrected.

  • Additional issues related to some formats generated in Japanese and Chinese (simplified) texts have also been solved.

The open world fishing sim CALL OF THE WILD: THE ANGLER is being distributed to PC (Steam, Epic Games Store, Windows).