[Lee Dong -sung] Umamusume finally answered

Amuse, who had been burning in the wagon demonstration, was in a new phase. In fact, the Italian Black Pickup event, which was one of the main causes of the situation, resumed.

The contents reflect the parts that users demanded. The reason for resuming the pickup event is clear, and it’s quite attentive to recover the exchange points that were not used due to sudden inspection. In addition, Aka Games is forming a TF team and saying that it will be fixed or fixed one by one about the points and functions that have been pointed out before the meeting.

This actually draws a good response. First, Google Play’s sales rankings, which fell to 53rd, rose to 17th. There may be a new update impact, but it seems that many users felt that the game was frustrated. In fact, the user’s response is that the game mecca ID Death said, Amuses is also caught in the controversy and a direct hit. Like criticism is like, but there are many opinions that this decision was good.

Of course, there is no regret. A little faster, specifically, if we announced that we would re-select the Kit Black Pickup event before or during the meeting, the situation would have evolved early. In fact, it’s hard to say that the overall user’s heart has turned friendly. Game Mecca ID Jinni BOI Just laugh, Racing. Never ID waterier Lost the cow and fix the barn, Walker ** If you presented this in advance, you wouldn’t have come here.

Anyway, Aka Games is now trying to normalize Umamusume operation. The water fell down, and it was a lot of wrong roads. You will need more time and effort to come back. I hope Aka Games can restore public sentiment through constant efforts.

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