Limited Run presents its new seal of books dedicated to video games

As already known, the Limited Run company has grown constantly thanks to the physical editions they sell, since these are usually independent editors who would not normally have the money to finance production. However, there are times when they usually launch books, and now it is time for the company to launch its seal for them.

Directed by J Enemy Parish (1up Network, Us gamer, IGN, Astronauts) and Jared Petty (IGN, Kinda Funny, Electronic Arts) , Press run will seek to launch at least one book per month, Starting with SNES Works: 1991 and Virtual Boy Works of J Enemy Parish , along with The History of Surtout: Volume 1 of Stefan Cancer . Future releases include the new works: 1987 of Jeremy Parish and PlayStation : A retrospective of Game spite Crew.

This is the synopsis of the first volume:

The first volume of an ongoing series that will be an essential partner for games of games and fans of Limited Run Games equally. The Complete Run offers a complete general description of the increasing catalog of the company from the beginning, with photographs and scanning of full-color packaging, wide text descriptions, screenshots and verification lists of everything produced and sold by Limited Run Games.

As already mentioned three of them are already on sale. The best of all is that there is no time limit to acquire them, as creators are betting on being releases that always stay at hand for players. Of course, the games launched will continue to keep the part of specific dates to buy them.