All creatures are three-lakes and how to interact with them in Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact has added a lot of funny and fantastic elements to his region. The creatures of the Three-Klanshans are just one of the examples of this. They are present throughout the pounder and imitate the element of Pedro in general in their design. Here are all the creatures of the three-lactes and methods of their use during research.

All eight creatures are three-lactes and how to interact with them in Genshin Impact

The creatures of the three-lactes are unique in that they usually exist in normal condition but they can take different forms when using electrics or pies.

Application Electron will place Tri-Lakshana Creatures in Activated state. Application the arsonist will put them in scorched state. Application Pedro will return them from an activated or scorched state in normal condition . When activating, the Three-Leshas creatures emit pulse of true meaning that can reveal hidden things, such as puzzles with torches.

Here are all the creatures of the Three-Klans that you can find, and what they do in every state.

  1. Inflatable mushrooms
    Ordinary *: You can jump on these mushrooms to jump even higher.
    Activated : When activating a bright green vein in a jumping mushroom. Jumping on them, you will go even higher in the air.
    scorched : The jumping mushroom will become brown and wag. This will not improve your jump.
  2. Pedro piles
    Ordinary *: These are tree branches that you can find with a st1. Usually they can be found in a scorched state when the stone lies on the ground. The use of Pedro will raise the stone to a normal state.
    Activated : the branch will raise the stone even higher.
    scorched : a branch will return the stone to the ground.

  1. Dream flowers
    Ordinary *: Being within the limits of its reach, the opponents will forget about you during the tests of the Ghostly Gate, which will allow you to run away.
    Activated : The Flower will note the whereabouts of the remaining ghostly seeds inside the test of the ghostly ghost, but will no longer hide you from enemies.
    scorched : Dream flowers will no longer protect you from enemies.
  2. Enemies like mushrooms
    Ordinary *: They attack you as usual.
    Activated : They will be able to attack faster.
    scorched : They will attack more slowly, but their attacks will also become stronger.
  3. Poisonous mushrooms
    ordinary *: These are purple and pink mushrooms. If you come too close, they will spray Pedro’s debate and cause pure damage to the enemies and your active character.
    Activated : Mushrooms emit a continuous field of dispute, which inflicts damage at equal intervals of time if you are within its reach.
    scorched : The mushroom cannot distinguish disputes.

6. Seed mirror
Ordinary *: These devices, which you usually find in the worships, allow you to detect the nascent zones of wilting.
Activated : They will also allow you to find the missing Arena.
scorched : They will not be used.
7. Star mushrooms
Ordinary *: You can collect them as food. Powering them is restored by 300 HP.
Activated : their eating restores 800 HP.
scorched : their eating is restored by one HP.
8. Seeds Three-way
ordinary *: These are floating seeds that move along a fixed path. They are the only Three-Llain creatures that emit continuous pulse of true meaning in normal condition.
Activated : its range True sense Pulse becomes wider.
scorched : the seed will stop moving.

Где найти существ Три-Лакшана в Genshin Impact

These creatures are found throughout the pile, especially in the jungle area. There are many jumping mushrooms in the garden. Adam Woods To help you climb the trees high. Sometimes you can meet poisonous mushrooms. Around the chests with treasures so that you think twice before approaching. Dream Flowers can only be found in Phantasmal Gate tests. Enemies like mushrooms are also everywhere around the pile, like star mushrooms.

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