How do Yuta and Gojo relate in Jujutsu Kaisen 0? Explained

It can be easy to ignore the main points of the plot in Jujitsu Kaiser 0, since there are a lot of stories and narratives that develop at the same time. One in particular that goes to the background is the origins of Yuma, and how he is exactly capable of achieving the exploits he makes in the film’s conclusion. Okay, the story tries to respond to this with a quick GOO exhibition, but you would not be blamed for getting away from this moment and asking you: How do Yuma and Goo relate in Jujitsu Kaiser 0? And how do their powers?

Yuma and Goo are related in Jujitsu Kaiser 0?

As Goo explains near the end of Jujitsu Kaiser 0, Yuma has a distant kinship with his family of Jujitsu sorcerers and, therefore, shares his affinity for using rare curses in his benefit. This is because both are related to Sugar Michigan, one of the founding members of the three great families of Jujitsu sorcerers and one of the three greatest vindictive spirits among the curses.

Little is currently known about Sugar, but it can be inferred that his affinity for curses and his resulting battles with manifest curses and cursion users resulted in he became a vindictive spirit.

Similarly, being a member of Yuma’s family tree explains why the young man had latent curse powers along with Goo’s. This is how he was able to turn Riga into such a powerful curse without even wanting him, and why he showed so many other skills during his fight with Suburb Get.

What does Toyota Chili tell GOO on Yuma?


This in turn explains what Toyota Chili told Goo previously in Jujitsu Kaiser 0. While Goo instructed Yuma and helped him make sure he learned to control his curse powers, Chili investigated whether it was Riga who cursed Yuma or Yuma who cursed Riga.

To that end, he investigated their family history and discovered that Yuma’s was much less clear than Riga’s. This led him to investigate more thoroughly and finally revealed to Goo that Yuma was the distant relative of him.

It is a minor point in the great scheme of the film, but it also is very important in how Yuma learns who he is. Similarly, feel the bases for posterior arches in which the largest vindictive spirits appear or mention in more detail, and as a result, Goo and Yuma play more important roles in history.

Hopefully this is clarified as Yuma and Goo relate in Jujitsu Kaiser 0 . To get more information about the series, see any of the articles related below. We also have many other contents related to anime, including lists of the best anime sensing and the best anime villains.

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