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How does a circular collapse work in Warzone 2?

Cool collapse or safe zone is one of the key elements of any Battle Royale game, including Call of Duty: War z1. For War zone 2, developers processed the principle of operation of this mechanics, and also changed the method of looting, vehicles and the main gaming process. Let’s see how the new structure of the safe zone works in War zone 2.

new circle collapse in Call of Duty War zone 2

From the images above, you can easily understand how the new collapse of the circle will work. At the first stage, the position of the first circle is marked on the map, when you jump out of the plane and try to get to the desired place of landing. The second phase of the collapse of the circle is when you see real changes compared to the traditional Battle Royale formula.

Instead of further circuit in a smaller circle, a safe zone is divided into several small zones that are separated from each other. Separation can lead to the appearance of two to four safe zones for the game. After that, these individual circles continue to contract until, finally, they will converge in a single safe zone, when the match is nearing the end, as shown in the fourth image.

Obviously, this change is quite sharp, and you will have to get used to it. This will change the approach of players to positioning and moving to War z1. It can also create cases when all teams are concentrated in two circles, and the third remains empty or only with one detachment. Despite this, War zone 2 is a new game, and it’s nice to see changes, we just need to wait and see how everything turns out.

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