All contact matt requirements in NBA 2K23

NBA 2K is back, basketball fans. And as we all know very well, changes are likely. However, although NBA 2K23 varies in many aspects compared to its predecessor, there are some formulas with which you simply do not get. Or rather, some formulas that simply not sent how to send messages with. Then, without further ado, here is everything you need to know about The requirements of contact matte in NBA 2K23 .

All contact matte requirements in NBA 2K23

As players begin a new chapter, once again they can build their players from scratch. These constructions determine what type of player they will be, including the level at which certain attributes will be maximized and what kind of general expect. Therefore, we decided to put everything Contact Matter Requirements in NBA 2K23 at a beautiful and resistant table:

Dunk Contact required statistics

Small | Driving dunk 86+ / the player must measure less than 6’5″
Pro | Driving dunk 84+ / vertical to 70+
Binman Professional | Driving Dunk 80+ / The player must have more than 6’10« Elite | Driving 92+ / vertical to 80+
Elite Binman | 90+ standing dunk / the player must have more than 6’10

If you are looking for easy points on the court, you should think about building your player taking into account the overtions. If you are not sure what type of player wants to be, maybe build with the possibility that the overtions become a large part of their game. Otherwise, at a certain point there is no going back, and who wants to live with that repentance?

So there they have it, 2K fans, All the requirements for contact nailed in NBA 2K23 —Tom made directly from the same NBA 2K22. So, what are you waiting for? Salt and start flexing your opponent! But before doing so, be sure to consult our endless content related to NBA 2K23 with other guides, such as information on Myna Eras and how to unlock Ronnie’s Rebirth Quest, not to mention much more in the links below.

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