NBA 2K23 returns with new gameplay and a $250,000 tournament

The NBA 2K series, which has been criticized for changing its skin, has a new start. The much-anticipated NBA 2K23 will be officially launched on the 9th. What gameplay optimizations have been made in the new work this time, and what new content will it bring to meet us with sincerity?

NBA 2K23 MyTeam mode welcomes new changes – contract officially canceled

You read that right. The contract system is officially canceled. There will be no more contracts in NBA 2K23. It will not be “reincarnated” in other forms but completely disappear.

Without the contract, players can restart most of MyTeam’s single-player games. Whether it’s Domination and all Challenges, or even Triple Threat, players can have the opportunity to quickly restart the game when things don’t go their way.

Three Threats Online: Co-op – Location Locked gameplay

Triple Threat Mode is no longer about you and me with the cyborgs. For the first time, NBA 2K23 will be able to team up with friends in MyTEAM for online triple-threat matches on top-floor courts.

In addition, this cooperative mode will also add a new map, and players can configure a certain game as they wish. Since it is a cooperative mode, don’t fail because of delays, leading to “friendship capsizing.”

It’s enough to start Storm Meow. Are you ready?

And this co-op mode will allow for location-locked gameplay – and it’s officially stated that location-locking will be implemented in every MyTEAM mode in the future. Are you looking forward to it??

The Jordan Challenge Returns – Relive Unforgettable Moments from a Legendary Career

Game developer VisualConcepts introduced players to the Jordan Challenge in NBA 2K23.

For this return to play, they argue that many new generation players have never seen Michael Jordan play live or on TV, and more than a decade later, now is the perfect time to tell about Jordan’s journey from college to NBA legend.

In NBA 2K23, the Jordan Challenge will include 15 unique games, from Jordan’s green opening in North Carolina to his late game-winning shot with the Chicago Bulls, each game from sight to sound and atmosphere. The immersive feeling is like bringing every player back to the legendary years.

To further enhance the immersive experience, NBA 2K23’s Jordan Challenge mode will use a unique filter system and broadcast elements to make the game look like watching TV broadcasts from the 1980s and 1990s. Players can feel the evolution and progress of TV technology in the NBA arena while playing.

Unlimited revamped with more rewards – leaderboards are back.

In the last few games of No Limit, you had to hit a record to advance or win a reward. In NBA2K23, this time is different from the past, and you will get a certain amount of season points, whether you win or lose.

After getting enough points to level up, you can get the corresponding level reward. This time, prestige tiers will also be added so that you can continue to earn NBA 2K23 rewards after the full season rewards.

And enter the top 10 in the Unlimited Tournament community leaderboard. You can also get additional rewards – a special icon will appear next to the name, and players outside the top 10 will also get a special icon different from the top ten.

The $250,000 MyTEAM Unlimited Tournament is back – the all-player era begins.

The $500,000 prize money is here again. This time, the big players in the MyTEAM community will have the opportunity to compete in two $250,000 MyTEAM Unlimited Championships (this time, Chinese players can also participate) ).

Why two games? Of course, it depends on the host. Both current and next-gen generations will have the opportunity to participate in this NBA 2K arena, with one tournament on PS4 and Xbox One and another on PS5 and the next-gen Xbox series.

To qualify for the tournament, you must reach Emerald rank in the new Infinity Tournament by the first game day on October 15. However, there are only four chances to qualify for the tournament during the game day, so hurry up!

New mode for next-gen consoles – Build a new era in the new if mode.

Modern Times, ​Magic Bird Contest, Flying Man Legend, Mamba Mentality… You must be familiar with the core characters in the names of these times, but if you were given a chance to rewrite history, what would you do?

What if the Rockets’ No. 1 overall pick selected Jordan in 1984? What if the Sharks and Kobe stayed in Los Angeles? What if the Seattle SuperSonics hadn’t moved to Oklahoma City? …The countless “what ifs” throughout the history of the NBA are included in the new mode launched by this game on the next-generation console: “MY NBA ERAS.”

Give all next-generation console players a chance to create “My NBA” and create their own NBA dynasty era, which is the most dazzling part of this game.

When you enter the corresponding era and start the game, you will find that each team has a specific stadium for that era. Even the logo, screen, design elements, commentary, and even broadcast will try to restore the era’s characteristics, and the feeling of being there is like being there. Players go back to that era and are building their own NBA dynasty.

Of course, if you want to experience the new “NBA2K” series for the first time, you can check the above configuration requirements table to see if your computer meets the official requirements.