Call of duty

You can experience more than fishing in the fishing shim Call of the Wild: The Angler -The first commentary video by developers is released.

EXPANSIVE WORLDS has released Episode 1 | FISHING 1 | FISHING 1 | FISH THAN A Hobby as the first installment of Below the Surface development of the fishing simulation Call of the Wild: The Angler .

This work is a fishing simulation for multiplayer released on August 31. You can explore the vast open world and experience full-fledged fishing in the wilderness.

In the published video, it is revealed by developers that fishing was always at the top of the list when thinking about what to do to expand the Call of the Wild series. In addition to investigating fishing, he actually experienced it and created a full-fledged fishing experience that changes depending on the fish species and the environment. It is also said that this work, which can freely explore the open world, and has social elements there, I think we can provide more than fishing.

At the time of writing the article, the evaluation on the Steam store is pros and cons, but the development team that says that the community is important in the video has published a known list of known questions and is working on improving September 7. It was announced that the next patch will be distributed this week.

CALL OF THE WILD: THE ANGLER is being distributed for Windows at Steam/Epic Games Store/overseas Microsoft Store.