Mainz: That is why Bo Svensson proceeds to use Hack as well as Leitsch

Maximum performance because of increased competitive pressure is the express Mainz motto this season. When somebody deteriorates, the following one is there, emphasizes trainer Bo Svensson usually. Last Saturday versus Leverkusen, Alexander Hack felt that directly. After numerous slide in the video game structure as well as a hair-raising position error in the creation of the 0: 2, the center man of the defense chain was changed for the break. Young person Niklas Tauer entered the video game and also made his point strong.

heavy successor as the successor to ex-captain Niakhaté

From the beginning, Tauer might get his opportunity rather of hack, on the left instead of Leitsch also the Anthony Caci announced as an all-rounder. But in the 3 games before we just obtained two goals as well as accepted really, extremely couple of opportunities. It makes me uneasy that they did a much less good game just recently?

In regards to efficiency, the fitness instructor Bannbahl could have satisfied as well as Hack, along with Adage Leitsch, that was also substantially associated with two goals. On the one hand, the truth that the 24-year-old was enabled to remain on the field can have had tactical reasons-Leitsch is left-wing and also on the other hand. As the successor to ex-captain Moussa Niakhaté, the novice has already started a hard heritage. There is no inquiry that Hack and also Leitsch (both video game quality 5.5) have actually compromised at the most up to date look. Today, to remain in Svensons diction, is the next one there?

You can not bring solutions such as versus Leverkusen permanently.

Bo Svensson

Svensson has depend on in the children

You know that you have actually not played a good video game lately. Immediately after the only disappointment to day, Svensson does not desire to throw anything over the heap absolutely naturally. Long-term, says Svensson, you can not bring such services as versus Leverkusen.

But in the three video games prior to we just got 2 objectives as well as authorized really, very few possibilities. It makes me anxious that they did a less excellent game lately? You recognize that you have not played a great game just recently.

After different slide in the game structure and a hair-raising placement mistake in the creation of the 0: 2, the center guy of the defense chain was replaced for the break. Child Niklas Tauer came right into the game and made his point solid.