RPG THE OUTBOUND GHOST PC version released on September 21st

Digerati has announced that the PC version of the adventure RPG The Outbound Ghost developed by Conradical Games will be released on September 21, and has released a announcement trailer.


This game is a single play work that operates a 2D character on a 3D map, which is said to have been influenced by Paper Mario RPG.

Leave regrets and let the ghosts that stay in this world in that world

The stage of this work is the world, which was once a ghost town that lives on the ground with some regrets before birth. town.

The player is to make the other ghosts who have died and have problems as a ghost of the memory loss that they do not know who they died before their lives, and to make a Buddha in that world. You will have an adventure.

Turn-based battle that fights with your own personality

The battle has been developed on a turn-based character with its own skills, which embodies the character of the ego that has been forgotten, such as the unlocked REGRET (regret), comradery, and JEALOUSY. It is said that craft with equipment that can get various status-ups is possible using the badge that can be obtained by winning.

The OutBound Ghost, which is said to have achieved great strengthening of game elements such as combat in July 2021, with the cooperation of the Publisher Digerati, has achieved a significant enhancement of game elements such as combat. The version will be released on STEAM and Epic Games store on September 21, 2022, 2022. PS5/PS4/Xbox Series X | S/Xbox One/Nintendo Switch is also scheduled for overseas.