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Filtered the appearance of the brutal and imposing vehicle of Chris Hemsworth in the new Mad Max

One of the main characteristics of the saga Mad Max , beyond its frantic action scenes, are its spectacular post-apocalyptic style vehicles, cars, trucks, motorcycles and all kinds of Motorized Bemain characteristicsts prepared to destroy with all the dangerous deserts of his fiction universe. And in this sense, furious , the prequel of Mad Max: Fury Road , it will be less. So much so, that we already know the main characteristicspect that will wear the colossal Monster Truck in which Chris Hemsworth (Thor in Marvel Studios) will fight in the new George Miller movie.


This is the imposing Monster Truck of Dementus

This is collected by several media through new photographs filtered from the filming set of Mad Max: Fury Road , production that is currently taking place in Australia. And thanks to these new snapshots, we can see Chris Hemsworth himself, characterized main characteristics dementus (his character of him in this post-epocalyptic fiction), uploaded on such an imposing vehicle of… 6 huge wheels! Of course, it seems that Hemsworth is having a great time making a villain of this well-known cinematographic universe.

Waiting to learn more about Mad Max: Fury Road, we do know that Chris Hemsworth will play a Lord of War who will be able to achieve his goals. So much so, that Dementus, leader of a dangerous band, will have the habit of kidnapping people of green place in many mothers, among which is a young furious , played by the actress Anya Taylor-Joy *.

Directed by George Miller , Mad Max: Fury Road hmain characteristics a cmain characteristicst headed by Chris Hemsworth and Anya Taylor-Joy along with other names such main characteristics Nathan Jones, Angus Sampson, Tom Burke and Goran D. Kleut. Its cinemmain characteristics premiere is scheduled for May 24, 2024 .