Line Games Excos Heroes, new signature hero Honuk reveals

Line Games (CEO Kim Min-kyu) unveiled a new signature hero Honuk in the collectable RPG Exos Heroes on the 26th.


Honuk is a signature hero representing Waist Red Country, a five-star fate grade, and has skills that provide allies in combat and provide resurrection and beneficial effects.

Honuk can be acquired with a higher chance until September 8th.

At the same time, a core radiation will be held to check the background story of the Fate-core theme ‘Drifter of the end’. If you target the Core Raid, you can get a 4-5-star artifact summons ticket, and the coupons paid through the event can be exchanged for various products such as Fate Core signing tickets and national recruitment tickets.

Artifact Paradise’s Harmony Habon’s probability-up event will also be held until September 8th. The artifact is a supportive hero-only artifact, which has the effect of giving mana to allies with the highest attack power.

There was also an event to commemorate the new hero update. By September 29, all users who connect to Exos Heroes will be able to sign 77 free free recruitment.