Middle Ages x SF action RPG THE LAST ORICRU will be released on October 13. Adventure on planets that continue the civil war, all the choices of players form the fate of the world

PLAION’s public label Prime Matter announced on August 24 that it will launch the action RPG The Last Oricru on October 13 in Japan. Compatible platforms are PC (Steam)/PS5/Xbox Series X | S. Inside the game supports Japanese display.

THE LAST ORICRU is a third-person action RPG set in a planet Waldenia, a mixture of medieval and science fiction worldview. The planet is in the middle of terrifying and isolated from the outer space due to a protective barrier, which continues to be intense by two races. The protagonist of this work is Silver, who is 350 years old after frozen sleep. Immediately after waking up, he noticed that he was left behind on the planet and was involved in a fierce civil war over Waldenia’s hegemony.

In this work, the player unravels Waldenia’s forbidden past and aims to reveal a swirling conspiracy behind many incidents that occur on the way. In the process, the player’s decision is characterized by various consequences. The choice will affect stories, characters, endings, as well as visual levels and game flow. However, there is no correct choice or wrong choice, and how to form the fate of the world is up to the player. It is a work where you can enjoy different experiences every time you play.


While traveling in various areas torn by civil war, combat with enemy forces may occur. Fight by making full use of close / long-range weapons, shields, secondaryability, and magical and technology-fused items. A group battle may occur, and if you support the allies of your ally, you can show loyalty to the power. In addition, a wide range of customization elements according to weight management, upgrade elements, and play style are also available.

This work is not only a single play, but also the two-person cooperative play in online and screen splitting. Difficulty can be selected from abundant options. In cooperative play, for example, if you choose a wizard, you can use a spell limited to cooperative play. Of course, it would be nice to choose different rolls and take advantage of their strengths. In addition, cooperating can find new bosses for bosses and reach a secret area.

THE LAST ORICRU will be released on October 13 for PC (Steam)/PS5/Xbox Series X | S.