New Apple update promises more cyber

If you have an Apple product, you should download the latest updates to exclude security gaps.

Cupertino-das company Apple wants to close two security gaps in the mobile devices. For this purpose, a number of software updates were provided to fix the weak points. Two security gaps are said to have already been used.

New Apple update should close security gaps-cybercriminals should no longer have a chance

One of the weak points was in Apple’s web kit software, with the help of which content is shown in web browsers. Apple explained that prepared websites could use the gap to have any software code run.

Simply put, a cybercriminal malware could place on your device if you have only looked at an otherwise harmless website, warned the IT security company Sophos on Thursday.

New Apple update-especially mobile devices are at risk

This weak point was even more threatened with iPhones and iPads than Mac computers: because on the mobile devices all browsers run with web kit and not just the in-house Safari program. The second vulnerability was located in the so-called kernel, the central part of the operating system. An attacker who has already gained access to the device can thus compensate for all possible data, emphasized Sophos.

Such security gaps are considered to be very valuable and are mostly used by secret services and developers of monitoring software. Above all, the Pegasus software of the Israeli SpionaSoftware company NSO became known, which also used weaknesses on Apple devices (more about digital at Apple product).

Apple update-security and updates

Apple referred to information from an anonymous researcher in the security gaps that have now been stuffed. Like other companies, the iPhone group awards rewards for information about discovered weaknesses. In recent years, Apple has repeatedly announced security gaps in the release of updates.

With the software updates, users have to become active themselves to install them. The current operating system versions are iOS 15.6.1 on the iPhone and iPados 15.6.1 for tablets and MacOS Monterey 12.5.1 for Apple’s computers. Dpa