FIFA 23: Football video game cost an absurd 6 cents in India

A price error in India has made certain that FIFA 23 in the Ultimate Edition was provided for some time for only 6 cents as opposed to 99.99 euros
Soon after that, the price mistake was remedied once more as well as generally all pre-orders as well as acquisitions, which such a tragedy obtain, are typically terminated once again.
This time not and as EA introduced in an email, every person who could get FIFA 23: Ultimate Edition in India for 6 cents can keep the football video game.
FIFA 23: Pre-order Ultimate Edition for 6 cents?
This hangs the video gaming deal of the year!
* FIFA 23 Standard Edition Xbox One-69.99 euros

  • FIFA 23 Standard Edition Xbox Series X | S-79.99 euros

* FIFA 23 Ultimate Edition Xbox One & Xbox Series X | S + Temporally minimal bonus-99.99 euros.