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The cool black dragon Scott came to Seven Knights 2

On the 18th, Netmarble added to Mobile MMORPG Seven Knights 2 on the new legendary plus hero ‘Black Dragon Scott’ and new PVE content.

The ruin black dragon scott is a defensive hero, which causes high burn damage in battle, reducing enemy recovery. Using the ultimate ‘light of the end’ on the enemy with burns, the enemy’s unlocked effect is impossible.

The memory of the new PVE content hero, ‘Black Horse Dragon was wonderful’. The memory of the hero is a content that obtains rewards by checking individual stories of heroes. Scott and Casper, who says ‘Black Marryong were cool’, contains a comical story that unfolds, and consists of six stages. You can get Ruby, Myth Enhancement, and Gold when you clear the quest.

In addition, the Gold Dungeon and Elixir Dungeon Growth Difficulty increased the difficulty of growing from 15 to 16, and added AI functions to activate the new legendary plus pet ‘Ellena’s Gum Valer’ and party raid recruitment.


By collecting ‘Scott’s Sword’ and ‘Casper’s double sword’, which will be dropped in the neglected field until September 1, you can produce legendary hero options, sunstones, and gold dungeons. In addition, if you achieve the ruin black dragon scott to a certain level, it will give you a Scott soulstone and legendary elixir.

Meanwhile, on August 17, Cho Soon-gu development PD broadcasted live broadcasts, responding to new heroes, updates, and user questions. The broadcast can be seen again on the Seven Knights 2 official YouTube channel.

Seven Knights 2 is a sequel to Netmarble’s representative IP ‘Seven Knights’, which features graphics implemented in Unreal 4 and collectible MMORPGs that collect various characters. It was released in Korea in November 2020 and was launched in 172 global regions in November last year.

For more information, you can see the Seven Knights 2 official website.