For its early restart, the developer Volition has created the largest open world ever seen in the Saints Row franchise, which understandably has many people anxious to play. If you are one of the many who wonder what preload and unlock times of Saints Row are, this is what you need to know.

How and when to preload Saints Row

Saints Row officially launches worldwide on August 1. 23, 2022, but as with many modern video games, you can actually download it digitally before the launch so you can immerse yourself in the action immediately. The preload begins two days before, on August 1. 21, 2022. The dates were confirmed by PlayStation Game Size on Twitter.

Saints Row’s restart unlock times


The specific regional unlock times are not revealed, so we assume that it is as soon as the clock marks 12:01 a. m., local time.

Hurry up!

Remember, obviously you can only pre-go Saints Row if you have bought a digital copy of the game.

What is the installation size of the Saints Row restart?

As for the file size, it is said that it is around 60 GB on PS4 and 53 GB in PS5, which is quite modest for a modern AAA title, but is subject to increase since there is likely that there is an update of the first day. It could end as a substantially larger file size once the update is included in the total.

That should give everything you need to know about the PRECARGE AND UNLOCK TIMES OF REATHOO of Saints Row . Until then, take a look at the previous view of the Row franchise game. And to achieve more useful tips and information, look for DLPRIVATOSERVER or consult the related content detailed below.

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