The APEX Legends tap strayf was weakened by a defect. Immediately by the developer

In the Apex Legends season 14, the tap straywh has been quietly weakened and seems to have been corrected. The developer Respown Entertainment has announced on the official Twitter account.

Tap strayf is a character control technique used in the keyboard mouse in APEX Legends. By making a predetermined input, you can change direction rapidly while jumping. By changing the direction of 90 to 180 degrees in the air, it is possible to make it difficult to predict. By jumping in an unexpected direction of the opponent, it will remove the enemy’s aim and reduce the shot. It is known as a technique for advanced users who increase the survival rate when fighting at short distances and temporarily evacuating.

In Season 14, it was reported that the tapstreif was weakened. Originally, it was possible to change direction of about 180 degrees during the jumping, but it seems that only 90 degrees direction could be changed.

Meanwhile, a few hours after this report gained attention, Respown Entertainment announced on the official Twitter account that it is being investigated on tapstreifs. It was clear that the weakening of the tapstrewif is an unintended situation. Shortly after that, it was guided that the correction was implemented. (Tap Strayf) will soon return to normal.

It has been announced that the tapstrewif will be deleted by Respown Entertainment. However, since then, John Larson, the game designer of this work, has announced a policy that keeps the tap stray unchecked and unchanged in the game (related article). As a result, the weakening was confirmed during the pre-play of the season 12, but the weakening was not implemented during the official release of the season 12, and it was not adjusted.

In the past, Larson had previously commented on tapstreifs, I would like to make sure that sensitive matters related to movements. It is expected that the tap strayw will be adjusted in the future, and that there will be clear announcements from the developer in patch notes. In any case, it seems that this tap-strayf specification change was just a bug.

Hanted is currently being held in APEX LEGENDS.