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Monster Hunter Rise: Sunblake Puppet -style Lost for some reason attracts attention. The pleasant merit and sin brought by unstable random elements

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak Puppet-bleaching added in the first free title update. It seems that some aspects of this function, which is an enhanced element of new equipment, is attracting attention.

In the first free title update of Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak (hereinafter, Samburake), a puppet-based study quest has been added as a new content in addition to four new monsters such as Nargakuruga species. With the material available in the quest, a puppet style, which is a new equipment enhanced function, is possible. In weapon puppet formation, attack power and critical rate can be enhanced. In armor puppet formation, defense, resistance, and equipment skills increase or decrease randomly.

Publishing is originally an element that aims to strengthen equipment. On the other hand, the tragedy brought by the random elements in armor’s puppet formation seems to be attracting users.

The above tweet is a posted by Ganzer Matcha, who is also active on YouTube. He seems to have tried to strengthen a puppet style to the Gold Luna Arm, which is the arm equipment of Rio Leia, which appeared in this update. The current status is a state in which Lv1’s business skills are given by puppet formation, although the defense is-12.

On the other hand, the status after the puppet reinforcement is said to have the defense power to-1, but the ice resistance is-3, and the original equipment has theeled strike skills. In this way, despite the fact that it is called enhancement, it is completely weakened by the equipment of puppet.

Other users who have been hit by the tragedy that all their original equipment skills will disappear on Twitter posted the screenshot. This is also attracting a lot of attention. By the way, in the case of a puppet formation, when a rare enhancement is granted, there is an Atari production in which the creation result screen changes. On the other hand, despite such a production, it seems that it can be said that it is lost in terms of performance. Onibon, who is also active on YouTube, has posted.

In the conventional Monster Hunter series, there have been many equipment that has random performance. Therefore, it can be said that such equipment losing itself is not particularly noteworthy. On the other hand, it is rare in the series that the equipment that the originally held from the puppet style was weakened. Publishing is consumed in-game currency and hard-collected materials. Nevertheless, the unreasonableness that the performance is negative for some reason is attracting attention.

On the other hand, the status fluctuation of the equipment by the puppet-creation is not accumulated. Even if you lose a loss, you can overwrite the better results later. In addition, if you lose a loss, you can maintain the status quo without adopting it. Materials and currencies are consumed, but negative performance is not forcibly applied. In addition, there are many screenshots of players who have drawn large Atari on Twitter. In addition to strong skills such as continuous blow and weakness special effects, there are many cases where additional slots are granted. Even if you have a lot of loss, it is worthwhile to continue the puppet.

By the way, Minele, a processing shop that invented a puppet-creation, speaks a line on the selection screen of the puppet style, saying, I control the disaster with a disaster. Publishing is a technology born from the puppetization of monsters, which are originally mysterious and dangerous phenomena. It may be unavoidable to have a big loss because it cannot be controlled.

Monster Hunter Rise: Sun Break The first free title update is being distributed to the Nintendo Switch/PC (Steam) version. The second free title update will be distributed at the end of September.