All rooms in the Two Point campus and how to unlock them

Playing on Two Point Campus, it may seem that you are a little abandoned to the mercy of fate and do not know what to do. This is understandable, and that is why we created this useful breakdown of all types of rooms available in the game.

All rooms in the Two Point campus

The Two Point campus has 30 different types of rooms. They have three different functional categories (residential, academic, service). Some of them can be unlocked earlier than others. Here are all the rooms that you can unlock and build on the Two Point campus:

How to unlock all rooms in the Two Point campus

You can not do so much to unlock certain rooms in a certain way, playing on Two Point Campus. This is because the rooms will become available as part of the natural development of the game, and money will not be used for their payment or something else. You just need to continue to expand, open new campuses and update existing campuses to unlock new types of rooms. Passing your goals in the upper right corner of the screen will do it faster.

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