Metallic Child Han Dae -hoon developer joined Action Square

On the 5th, Action Square announced the joining of the one-person development studio ‘Studio HG’ by developer Han Dae-hoon, who has received great attention as ‘Overton’ and ‘Metallic Child’. Han Dae-hoon developed and hit the Mabinogi Development Team of Nexon Devcat Studio, developing and hitting smashing the battle, overton, and metallic child as a one-person developer. The Action Square will be further enhanced with the lineup strategy with this joining, and it is expected to create more synergy in the development of the game with its development know-how and Han Dae-hoon PD’s capabilities.

Studio HG Han Dae-hoon, a responsible producer, said, I am pleased to join Action Square. He joined the car that was worried about the team-up project to make a more complete game. There were many suggestions elsewhere, but it was a decision made after the trouble, and it was confirmed that the company’s vision and the direction of the studio HG were consistent. Metal Rick Child, which is under service, will continue to update and accelerate the development of the next work. Please look forward to it.


Kim Yeon-jun, CEO of Action Square, said, I am pleased to be with the studio HG with potential development capabilities. We will showcase outgoing games.

Meanwhile, Han Dae-hoon, a responsible producer, also revealed some of the next works that are being conceived through personal SNS.