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How to get Deltamon in Digimon Survive

Deltamon is Digimon, whose appearance is almost perfect in Digimon Survive. If you prefer Digimon, who has an exceptional appearance and an attacking mind, Deltamon can become an ideal couple for you. This leadership will help players find and make friends with Deltamon in Digimon Survive to expand their team.

How to recruit and make friends with Deltamon

For the first time you will see Deltamon during part 3 in the school territory in the Free Battle z1. Unfortunately, they rarely appear, so most players will not be able to get them for a while. You can also fight him in random meetings, scanning distortions and malfunctions with the help of Takuma’s mobile phone as Berdramon.

Recruitment of Deltamon requires players in compliance with Digimon Survive friendship rules. In fact, you talk to him, and then answer his questions and statements. So that the player can make friends with Digimon, he or she will need to fill in two segments of strip over the head of Digimon by the end of the conversation.

Deltamon, perhaps, is not the brightest light in the box, but this does not make it less impressive.

The best answers


Answering, players should use the sarcastic tone, but they should also avoid hints of weakness. If you still have difficulties, the list below presents the best answers to the questions and approval of Deltamon.

Question. I do not want to do anything but funny things! You too, right?

Best answer : You know your business!

Q2. This is my territory! Leave a little food and get out of here!

Best answer : hunt yourself!

Q3. Arrrgh! Graaaaaa! Any other will just get in my way!

Best answer : Calm down already!

Q4. Did you know? Bake after stuffing face is just the best!

Best answer : Thanks for the lesson

Q5. I torn you off! Gvaaahahahaha!

Best answer : Scary! But I will win.

Q6 wow… When I wait, I want to go crazy!

Best answer : I know what you mean.

Q7 Are you not a fragile thing? Do you eat enough meat?

Best answer : You look strong.