Is it worth playing for yomia in Genshin Impact?

With the release of the banner Tapestry of the Golden Flame, Yoimiy is now available for receipt. Yoimia is a five-star a handlework that uses a bow. She is distinguished by love for fireworks in her native region of the Inadzum.

She is accompanied by four-star characters Yun Jin, Xinian and Bennett. Join us while we determine whether Yomimi is worth playing Genshin Impact.

is it worth playing for yomiya in Genshin Impact?

is it worth it to pull for yomia?

Yoimia is a five-star arsonist that uses onions. She is excellent in a single goal dps and can cause great damage, if built correctly. If you already have a pole, Yanfei or other Pyro DPS characters, you should not pull for it. However, if you do not have the right Pyro DPS, Yoimiya is a great choice.


Unfortunately, the Yimia banner appeared at the wrong time due to the upcoming release to the pile. If you do not desperately need the main traffic controller of the arsonist, it can be reasonably preserved your wishes for the characters to the pile. According to leaks, the tignari will become another user of onions. Who can overshadow the yimia.

If you have already received five-star onion Thundering Pulse , you should think about taking yomia, as this weapon is especially effective in its build. Rust is a reliable four-star onion, which also complements her style of play.

In general, if you need the main DPS of the arsonist, you already have a onion of Thundering Pulse and you do not invest in future characters Sumeru, Youimiya-a good choice.

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