This is the influence of Demon Slayer in Jujutsu Kaisen

It is currently a great time to be an anime fan. Thanks to the success that some of the productions of recent years have enjoyed, the quality is for the skies, and the proposals are always interesting. This is the case of jujutsu Kaisen, who owes part of his success to demon Slayer, says the Mappa CEO.

During the Jujutsu Kaisen panel in Anime Expo, Manabu Otsuka, CEO of Mappa, and Hiroshi Seko, writer of the study, spoke about the success of jujutsu kiasen and jujutsu kaisen 0, spoke about how the adaptation of demon Slayer by Ufiable played an important role to boost anime inspired by Gege Akutami’s work. This was what was said about it:

When asked if they saw JJK and his popularity come, Manabu says they had an expectation because we knew Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no yaiba was huge. He felt that there were similarities, but Manabu was very grateful for the potential for success. They did not intend to make it a success, but became an organic way. Seko agrees and says that Kny’s success was huge and that they thought they could do something similar given the anime market nationally and internationally. The writer also points out that JJK would be loved abroad, but not how much. He made everyone very surprised and very happy. And, of course, Hiroaki also felt the same. They were aiming at a success because Jjk was a success abroad, but even this level surprised them all.

The first season of demon Slayer premiered in 2019, and the first episode of jujutsu kaisen was transmitted in 2020. ** Mugen Trian movie has been one of the highest grossing Japan tapes worldwide.

Along with this, Demon Slayer was the entrance point for many people who had not seen an anime in their lives. Thanks to this, this industry is enjoying a new air in popularity, and not only Jujutsu kaisen_ has benefited from this, but works like spy x family and, in the future, chainsaw man, they have been within reach of a greater audience.

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Editor’s note:

Jujutsu kaisen is a fantastic anime. Like demon Slayer, Gege Akutami’s work takes the elements that work from the shonen genre, leads them to the next level, and leaves aside many of the aspects that have been criticized. More than evolving gender, he perfects him.