Unique duel chess shoe FPS Chess Released -Developed by Student Project

Digipen Institute of Technology has released a free chess FPS fps chess , which is handled by Meta Fork. In addition, mini-update Ver1.0.3 has been released for PC (Steam).

This work is a unique first person shooting based on chess developed as a student project of Digipen Institute of Technology. One-on-one multi-player competition in online, LAN, and local is possible for free. When the opponent is decided, the normal chess battle begins by choosing six types of pieces, pawn, Luke, Knight, Bishop, Queen, and King. However, when either piece is taken or taken, the board becomes another battlefield. Luke has a sniper, and Queen fires a machine gun, and each piece has its own weapons and abilities, and the game develops at high speed. And if you repeat the duel and defeat the opponent’s King, you will win the player.

The distributed mini-update made some online play corrections, organizing UI, and improving game balance. Please check this out for details.


The online shooter FPS CHESS, which allows you to experience unique play based on chess, is distributed for PC (Steam) for free.