[Photo] Character licensing fair with popular game and anime characters

Recently, it is common to see a phenomenon in which a character created by an individual becomes a single IP through social media as simple 4-cut cartoons or animations are popular. These popular characters later become memes to the public, and it is easy to see them become goods or games through collaboration with companies. Although the width of offline stores such as pop-up stores has decreased due to the Corona era, the character industry has shown steady growth through active online stores.

At the ‘Character Licensing Fair 2022’ held at COEX in Seoul on the 14th, it was possible to meet various ‘characters’ in one place, growing into a single IP even in the non-face-to-face era. Not only manga and anime, but also many game IPs were exhibited, and the exhibition held offline for the first time in 3 years under the theme of ‘Enjoy Summer’ was captured on camera.