A fierce man who tries to clear Cuphead while climbing. The hotel was at the time of clearing, 8 hours challenge

It seems that some players are trying to clear the action game Cuphead without climbing. Easyspeezy, a streamer who enjoys the speed run of various works, challenged the high difficult game while climbing the mountain. On the way, there seemed to be some twists and turns, but it seemed to be cleared.

The mountain we challenged is Mansfield Mountain in Vermont, USA. It is said that it is a higher mountain in the state, and he played the game while climbing this mountain. The method seems to have played the game using a laptop. He says that this play will be the first mountain climb. It is unknown about the trigger, but it is an interesting half of the challenge because it explains that it is the crazy challenge that I have thought so far.

First of all, while climbing, attach a laptop with a duck tape to the brothers’ backpack, and play the game with the human back as a monitor. While climbing the mountain path, we will proceed early. During the mountain climb, the screen and players shake. So, it progresses occasionally while making mistakes. In a steep mountain road, you can pose and walk slowly. In places where their feet are dangerous, they seal the game play and concentrate on climbing.

And if you get tired, you will open your laptop and play Cuphead. The number of places with poor footholds increased, and each time the game was interrupted. From the middle, the play time while walking is reduced, and once you climb the mountain to some extent, you will capture both mountains and games in the rotation of playing Cuphead during breaks. The lodge also showed the momentum of defeating 4 bosses.


Even after arriving at the top over three hours, he continued because he had not yet cleared the game. Play the game at the top of the mountain and destroy the boss more and more. But I still can’t clear it yet. So I went downhill in my brother’s car. The boss is further defeated, but here the notebook PC is out of the battery. The allegations that the recorded data also disappeared emerged. Therefore, we did some reduction, including the already cleared boss. After descending, the shower continued to play the game at the hotel without taking a shower.

And the last boss is cleared at the hotel. The time required was 8 hours and 2 minutes. By the way, how fast EAZYSPEEZY usually clears CupHead is that in September 2021, the main story was cleared in about 47 minutes and 15 seconds. If you simply consider it, it took 10 times the addition of climbing elements. Nevertheless, the time without speed runs in this mountain climbing speed run is usually long. And at the moment of clearing, it was somewhat suspicious that I was at a hotel after descent, so I was no longer as a mountain climbing speed run. In the first place, what is a mountain climbing speed run, regulation, but Easyspeezy himself seems to be satisfied, so it may be fine.

Speaking of CupHead, the DLC THE DELICIOUS LAST COURSE has just been released. Of course, EAZYSPEEZY has also challenged DLC’s speed run. After all, Charis, a new character, seems to be useful for speedrun. You don’t have to climb, so you may want to play Cuphead again. CupHead is on sale for PC/Mac (Steam)/PS4/Xbox One/Nintendo Switch.