Pokemon GO: New weekly box brings you 2 items – that will be in it tomorrow

** What type of box is this? Until a few weeks back, there were still far-off raid passes, today the content is altering repeatedly.

With Dataminer that handle the content as well as changes to the video game, it is already recognized which content you will certainly find in package from Monday, July 4th.

The new once a week box in Pokémon Go is recognized from July fourth. You obtain these 2 things in the week from July fourth to July 11th for 1 coin in case box.

1 coin box from July 4th-Contents

What’s in it? In package you can locate:

How long is the box active? You can find package in the store for a week and also have enough time to tidy up your inventory as well as make room for the items.


The brand-new weekly box in Pokémon Go is understood from July 4th. You obtain these 2 things in the week from July 4th to July 11th for 1 coin in the occasion box. The box is substantially smaller sized from the number of things than the 1 coin boxes of the previous few weeks. Around 6:00 a.m. on July 4th, the box should be activated for you.

You will find package following to the various other packages in the store.

  • 1 instant TM
  • 1 Knursp

When is the box available? Around 6:00 a.m. on July 4th, package needs to be triggered for you. It is suggested to reboot the game if you can not see them. After that, the bundle needs to then be visible for you.

The box is significantly smaller sized from the variety of products than the 1 coin boxes of the past couple of weeks. It appears that Niantic still tried which products the gamers want in these packages. While there have been berries or rounds in the past couple of weeks, this box concentrates on 2 things. The Twitter account of the Pokeminers shared the new content of the weekly box.

Exactly how do you like the content of the 1-coin occasion box this moment? Create us your point of view on this on meinmm in the comments and also inform us whether the instant TM and also the Knursp deserve the 1 coin, or whether you save on your own the box today.

A week later, on July 11th, there is again a brand-new box that brings other content for you. Which ones are in it can not yet be approximated.