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Support amount of 37.7 million yen or more! Cyber Punk 2077 board game GANGS OF NIGHT CITY

Cyberpunk 2077 board game Cyberpunk 2077: GANGS OF NIGHT CITY-THE BOARD GAME for Cyberpunk 2077 , which is a studio and publisher of table top games, is 100,000 in Kickstarter. It attracts more than $ 280,000 (approximately 37.7 million yen), which exceeds the dollar.

Kickstarter is Japan time until 9:00 on July 7, 2022, and has already achieved its target amount. The amount of support for obtaining the game is $ 110 or more, which comes with the core box and benefits of board games. The delivery schedule is July 2023.

In this game, the player will become a gang leader and aim for the control of the back society. The gang groups have unique skills, gang units with various skills, and powerful mercenary units, to control the district and earn street credo.

On the Kickstarter page, on June 23, a post entitled Eyes on the PRIZE was posted, and the next stretch goal was $ 300,000. Will be presented to all the supporters.

2077: GANGS OF NIGHT CITY-THE BOARD GAME crowdfunding will be held until July 7, 2022.