Lineage 2 18th anniversary today! The current situation to hear from Arais General P and the development for the 20th anniversary -I also tried to adjust the balance of automatic hunting and NFT [Reading and playing]

MMORPG for PC Lineage 2 operated by Ncyi Japan has celebrated the 18th anniversary of the service on June 25, 2022. Management continues to change in the age of three services live service , classic service , aden service and the introduction of automatic hunting. How do you catch the current situation and look at the future? We talked to Mr. Tomokazu Arai **, a producer of Japan.

The 18th anniversary event from June 15 is being held!

— Congratulations on the 18th anniversary of the service of Lineage 2.

Arai Thank you. We would like to thank everyone who has been playing this work for a long time as new technologies such as NFT and attractive game software are created every day. Lineage 2 , which has established a history of 18 years, is still evolving every day, and we will continue to work hard to enjoy it.

―― In recent years, there are cases in which NFT is incorporated into the game and whether it is interesting to incorporate it. Is there a plan to incorporate NFT into this work?

Arai I’m looking at the latest technology, but I feel that the affinity with Lineage 2 is high. I think that it is a good technology that goes well with MMORPG, which has a high property value of items, so I wonder if it will be a future study material.

–I see. Although it suddenly derailed, in March 2022, the first riding class, Vanguard, was implemented in Aden Service. How is the player’s reaction?

Arai The ability and skills are specialized in PVP, so it is supported by those who like PvP as expected. At present, there are no plans to implement a riding class other than Vanguard, so if you like PVP, please check it out. On the other hand, we are aware that some people do not move because they are oak-only class . I think the oak is good… I’m fascinated by that physical beauty , and I’m so much the main character is an oak. Oak is the best !

-Thank you for your hot oak love (laughs). Then, please tell us about the in-game event commemorating the 18th anniversary held since June 15, 2022.

Arai Black Coupon to revive items that have been lost in the past (edited note: not so-called buff, but item enhancement system), 18 black coupon and 18 Multiple events are held at the same time according to the characteristics of each service, such as the anniversary Special Lucky Game , and the Secret Store , which are nice for veterans. It has been expanded since the 17th anniversary, so please check it out!

In addition, Welcome Program for those who have recently started or returned after a long time, and 18th anniversary gift for all players. For details, you can check 18th anniversary special site .

―― It is good that a wide range of players, from beginners / return to veterans, can enjoy a wide range of players.

The background and aim of the additional update

―― In recent years, major changes have changed, such as basic free of three services and implementation of automatic hunting. From there, how do you take a breath and see the current players and situations?

Arai I originally like MMORPG, and I also play various online games every day as a research. Recently, I feel that many people have become more difficult to play due to recent changes in the living environment, including me. Basic free and automatic hunting are incorporated with the hope that you can use the time effectively in response to such changes, and I feel that it is now accepted.

However, the more you recommend automatic hunting, the less the opportunity to communicate with other players **, which I think is the real pleasure of MMORPG.

―― ―。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。.

Arai Yes. On the other hand, there are many people who enjoy this work as communication tools to enjoy chatting with close friends , so it is not good to have less opportunities to meet other players. When…….

For those disadvantages, activation of clan races and raid bosses expansion of multi-numbered boss content ** will be eliminated by revitalizing the opportunity to form the community in the future. I’m going to do it.

-The longer the service lasts, the more the gap between the players will inevitably expand, but how do you recognize the current situation around that?

Arai The present disparity is recognized as being generated in level and equipment in addition to the above-mentioned communication described above. For example, those who are the highest level in live service are level 124 , but on average all players are about 110-112 **. (Unnecessary: Excluding Anakim server added in 2021)

Regarding levels and equipment, we assume a borderline for each service that we want to be able to grow and strengthen smoothly so far, and it has been implementing as much as possible from April 2022. It is Additional update .

―― I think that people in the game are aggregating and statistics in various data in the game, but what are the tendencies these days?

Arai For the past 1-2 years, Content’s digestive speed rises and decrease in community formation opportunities are significantly numerical values. This work has a regular update once every three to six months, but we decided to implement an advanced update here because we thought it should be more flexible.

The advanced updates are mainly related to leveling up, such as adjusting the hunting grounds and popular raid bosses, and we plan to adjust classes and skills in the future. I feel that the balance that can be defeated in about 10 to 30 minutes is desired by users today.

We will continue to update the content as an advanced update while checking the situation. In addition, a part of the next update content will be delivered today on the live broadcast Rine 2 Televo’s 18th Anniversary! Live Broadcast .

Future prospects that incorporate players’ voices

――In April 2022, when the additional update was announced, a Producer Letter was held to deliver a voice directly to Arai. How was the reaction to this?

Arai In the attempts that have been around twice a year, this time we received thousands of voices. Some of them have a harsh voice, so I need to be more careful.

――What kind of requests did you have?

Arai The most common thing is balance adjustment . We believe that the major challenge in this work is overall firepower inflation by adding items, etc. and bias of balance between classes, and how to solve them every day. And discussions.

Regarding the balance between classes, we have often revised too strong classes / skills downwards, but in the future, we will revise other classes / skills upwards **. We are considering balancing.

The second most common was the voice of the update on March 10, 2022, I tried to display the success probability in the enchantment. If you say flat, Is this number true?

-I don’t want to doubt that it doesn’t work… Even if you shake the six dice six times, it is natural that the number of trials is small so that 1 to 6 will not come out once.

Arai I think that the probability of the risk has changed. The displayed ** probability is as well as the displayed probability, so I hope that the enchantment should be able to determine the risk and return. He always tells the staff, The probability is as deep as the probability, and there is nothing to do the basis of the game.

-For those who have lost their weapons due to the probability, the Black Coupon, a 18th anniversary event, is likely to help. What kind of voice was the third most common?

Arai It was a voice that wanted to hold an offline event. I also love offline events, so I hope we can hold it this year. It’s a story about adjusting the situation and venues, so I can’t say anything concrete yet.

―― I am looking forward to the follow-up report. Please let me know if you can talk about the future roadmap.

Arai The next update is scheduled for the fall of 2022. In addition to performing balance adjustment of class in each service, adding server competitive world raid boss in live service , classic service adjustment of hunting grounds , Aden Service is planned to add new field raid boss .

In addition, while accepting automatic hunting, there are many voices that are still hunting and want to do it, so we are considering whether it can be more sharp to hunting **. 。

The experience value efficiency is still better, but the hunting ground itself is adjusted according to the automatic hunting, so even if the players gather Train (editor: Collect a large number of monsters hate. You can’t do it well, such as how to take it, defeat it at once with a range attack and gain experience value efficiently).

I wonder if it is possible to enjoy more manual hunting, as it can be divided in about 30 minutes to 1 hour. I hope this area will be able to tell you again later.

–thank you. Then, please give me a message at the end.

Arai Lineage 2 has reached its 18th anniversary on June 25, 2022. There are many events to commemorate the 18th anniversary in the game, so please come by all means. We want to make the 19th anniversary and the big milestone’s 20th anniversary even more grandly, so we will continue to work hard to make a game loved by everyone.

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