Fantasy Craft Survival ACT Force of Nature 2: GHOST KEEPER Online 4 -player support play!

Crytivo has distributed the latest update to the action adventure Force of Nature 2: GHOST KEEPER developed by A.Y.STD and released the trailer.

Online 4-player cooperation play is newly supported!

This game is a work that operates the character from a viewpoint. You can enjoy a free adventure in the sandbox format and an automatic generation field, a craft with abundant materials, the construction of a house, and the breeding of farm work, breeding livestock, and various creatures including bosses.

With this update, in addition to single play, a new online 4-player cooperative play has appeared.

How to start cooperative play

Select Co-OP from the main menu on the title screen. Next, you can select Start A New Game, select whether to start in the middle of existing game data or start with a new data, and start cooperating play by invitating Steam’s friends.

In addition, the update has renewed the two existing heroography, and two new people have joined and can be selected from four people.

In addition, iron mine, copper mine, resource vave warehouses that display inventory, stone goles of the walnid function, four new trees and stone floors, life hedges, arches, fences, fountains and watches, various flowers, etc. Content additions are also implemented.

Force of Nature 2: GHOST KEEPER, which can be enjoyed online cooperative play as in the previous work, is for PC, usually 1,640 yen on Steam, and the summer sale is 30%off until July 8 at 1,148 yen, which is 1,148 yen. During delivery. The previous work Force of Nature, which can also enjoy online cooperation play in Japanese, is distributed for 82 yen, 90%off. In addition, you can see the developer interviews at the time of 2.