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Dragon Ball reveals the evolution of the ultra ego of Vegeta

At present, Dragon Ball Super is going through one of his best arches ever seen, with revelations of the true Saiyan pride and new transformations for the protagonists. And now, Vegeta is located at a crossroads against the villain Gas , which has taken the prince to his limit and therefore, to evolve the ultra ego of him.

It was previously revealed that the transformation of Vegeta becomes stronger the more damage receives, but it was not until the fight against Granolah that this new form could be used. As the character has recovered all possible strength, it is revealed in the most recent chapter, confirming that the form evolves as time passes in it.

In episode 85 of the Manga of _Dragon Ball Super, the fight between gas and Vegeta continues, with the latter trying to take the advantage when realizing the virtues that the Ultra ego . They have not even left Goku ** to intervene within the fight, because his partner thinks that he can take the opportunity to continue accumulating energy in his transformation.

However, the disadvantage of ultra ego implies the great levels of pain that accumulate with each blow that the Saiyan receives, so gas does not carry any intimidation. So it will depend on Vegeta Find a way to accumulate energy but do not take it to a mortal state. For now, the fight follows a most uncertain course.