At Bandai Namco, we celebrate the 20th wedding anniversary of.hack// in computer game

This June 20, 2022 marks the 20th wedding anniversary of the release of.hack// infection on PlayStation 2, the first declination in video games of a franchise which experienced its hrs of splendor long prior to the advent of Sword Art Online as well as the numerousiskaiwhich make the regulation today. Far from allowing this anniversary slip through in silence, Bandai Namco is arranging a whole marketing project around.


At once when the idea of episodic computer game was much from usual, Bandai Namco had actually shocked by marketing these four RPGs signed CyberConnect2 at the price of one episode per quarter. Although it was a offline RPG, they also had the particularity of simulating an environment of MMORPG, in this instance that ofThe Worldin which the whole franchise business takes location.

For the time being, Bandai Namco has actually not recommended that this anniversary will bring to life something on our consoles, other than that the author has actually lately filed the Last Recollection brand throughout the world which it recalls the name made use of for compilation.hack// g.u. Last Recode getaway on PS4, Steam as well as change. Theoretically, last recollection can consequently be the name of a compilation of the PS2 game tetralogy (infection, mutation, episode, quarantine) released right here in 2004.

As this trailer reveals, the celebrations start with the release today in Japan of an . hack// 20th Anniversary Schedulewhose job shows the entire of the work.hack// (video clip game yet likewise Mangas, novels as well as computer animation). From August 9 to 28, the collection will certainly be qualified to its very initial artistic exhibition at the Yurakucho Marui shopping mall in Tokyo. After that, the goodies will certainly continue to rain up until completion of the year with the release of an artbook . hack// 20th Video Game Art Functionsas well as three CDs _. hack// 20th Finestin December 2022.