The Russian developer and publisher Game Insight ceases its activities in Russia

According to the APP2TOP portal, the developer and publisher of the Game Insight mobile games leaves Russia. Moreover, this is not just moving to another country, but the complete liquidation of the company and the dismissal of employees. The organization of new LLCs has begun that will support the support of existing products. Some Game Insight employees are already receiving work invitations from such newly created limited liability companies.

In addition, it is reported that the company’s management did not make any explanations or appeals to employees. Moreover, they themselves really did not know about the impending closure. According to one of the personnel department employees, the company has no funds to pay for its obligations to employees. And after sending the notification of the dissolution of Game Insight, the disconnection of employees from corporate services began.

The former head of the company Anatoly Ropotov in April of the year resigned and founded the Ultrahorse Ent studio. in London.


There are no official comments from Game Insight.