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For readers who are hard to see all the information pouring out of the IT world where each day changes, we have prepared a customized IT news summary corner. We configured to read the IT articles we covered today at a glance. We look forward to reading lightly on the way home. [Editor]

◆ Christian Klein CEO SAP business network with Ukra medical support

A few months ago, I was contacted by the Ukrainian Ministry of Health. It was a request to help the local medical supply be done properly. The SAP business network connected the Ministry of Health and 4,000 suppliers and was able to quickly secure 300,000 medical equipment.

Christian Klein chief executive officer (CEO) at the ‘NOW Seoul 2022’ held on the 14th said in a keynote speech on the theme of ‘Intelligence, Recovery and Sustainability’.

Klein said, The change of a company means changing the company’s DNA.

It is important to find new business models and channels, but it is also necessary to find an inefficient part. We need to introduce flexibility.

Klein also introduced SAP’s support for sustainable management and overcoming the global supply chain issue.

Currently, the reason for supply chain is emerging as Corona 19 Fan Demic Shock and Russia’s invasion of Ukraine are interlocked. In particular, in the case of the manufacturing industry, many parts of the supply chain are outsourced to developing countries, and the vulnerability and complexity are greater.

Companies should secure transparency of supply chain and have a recovery resilience, he said. SAP is collaborating with partners to use blockchain technology to track the flow of raw materials and predict market demand.

** ◆ Webboard Game Regulatory State Council resolution… As early as next month,

The implementation of the web board game regulation improvement plan, which includes the monthly purchase limit from 500,000 won to 700,000 won, has been imminent.

According to the Government Legislative Support Center on the 14th, a partial amendment to the Enforcement Decree of the Game Industry Promotion Act (hereinafter referred to as the Enforcement Decree) was proposed by the State Council today. As a result, the amendment of the Enforcement Decree is expected to be implemented as early as next month after the presidential price.

The amendment to the Enforcement Decree is that the monthly purchase limit of web board games such as GoStop and Poker is up to 200,000 won (No. 8) from 500,000 won to 700,000 won (No. 8) ▲ Claration of the opponent’s choice for illegal exchange (No. 8 Lamok) ) The specifications of compliance (No. 8) for the prevention of user protection and prevention of game water, which were added by the game industry, which were added at the time of legislative notice, will be implemented in the original plan.

If the amendment of the Enforcement Decree is applied, there is an analysis that related sales of major web board games such as NHN and Neowiz will increase. Chung Woo-jin, CEO of NHN, said in the earnings presentation conference call last month, We are focusing on the fact that the game itself is more fun than the rapid increase in sales indicators due to the deregulation of the web board. KPI rises.

Lee Ji-eun, a researcher at Daishin Securities, said, We expect the sales of web board games to increase from the third quarter. The market size of the board game was small and in 2020, the gameplay time increased due to the 19 influence of Corona, so this year, there will be a decrease of about 10% of sales growth.

◆ ‘Seven Knights’ Netmarble, representative IP earnings improvement

Netmarble will improve earnings with the representative IP ‘Seven Knights’. Netmarble, who received the ‘Earth’ score report last quarter, has been paying attention to the second half of the year as a new work that trims popular IP.

The game industry is paying attention to Seven Knights Revolution, which is scheduled to be released in July. Seven Knights Revolution deals with the story of the Knights, which was established to save the world of chaos after the Seven Knights heroes disappeared as a large-scale multi-entertained role-playing game (MMORPG) that expanded the original ‘Seven Knights’.

Seven Knights was one of Netmarble’s strong intellectual property rights, and was released in 2014, and since the launch of the 2015 global launch, it has been the number one in Thailand, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Indonesia and Singapore App Store, and has recorded 60 million downloads of global cumulative downloads..

On the 15th, it is also ahead of the global launch of ‘Money Kungya Island’ based on ‘Kungya’ IP. It is a popular ‘Merge’ genre mobile game that is popular in the Western region, and is characterized by the operation of creating new objects by combining three objects.

Merge Kungya Island is a differentiated factor in the Kungya IP previous game ‘Kungya Catch Mind Mobile’, unlike the Kungya characters and the worldview on the theme of ‘environment’. Netmarble’s 2003 Kungya is an eco-friendly character with the theme of vegetables, fruits, and rice balls.

The global performance of the ‘Second Country’, which was released on the 25th of last month, is also smooth. According to the sensor tower, ‘Second Nara’ Global was ranked 4th in the Philippines, No. 1 in Thailand, and third in Indonesia on the 13th of the Apple App Store’s highest sales.

In securities firms, Netmarble’s new game is an essential point. In particular, the attention is focused on the performance of ‘Seven Knights Revolution’. In Netmarble, every time he gives power to large IPs, such as Lineage 2 Revolution and Blade & Soul Revolution, he has grown sales.

◆ If you open your eyes, the gods are renewed… Naver, Kakao, falls the end

NAVER-Kakao, such as Korea’s representative growthist betrayal, continues. In May, the Consumer Price Index (CPI) exceeded the market expectation, and was directly hit by the observation that the tightening of the Federal Reserve (FED) would be stronger than expected.

According to the Korea Exchange on the 14th, the KOSPI market index is trading at 2,477.35, down 27.17 points (1.08%) as of 12 o’clock, following the fall of 91.36 points (3.53%) the previous day. On the day, KOSPI pushed up to 2,457.39 in the market and gave 2,500 lines in about a year and seven months after November 13, 2020. It has been on the sixth trading day since the last three days.

The concerns were raised, and Naver and Kakao shares, which are considered representative growth stocks in Korea, also plunged. This is due to concerns that the US interest rate hike can affect the future profit of the company. In fact, the US stock market is also decreasing in Nasdaq, mainly on growth and technology stocks.

On the day, Naver and Kakao once fell to 245,000 won and 74,200 won, respectively, and renewed the 52-week new price following the previous day. Naver’s 52-week report recorded on July 26 last year fell 47.31% compared to 465,000 won. Kakao’s 52-week report, which was recorded on June 24 last year, fell 57.10% compared to 173,000 won.

In particular, in the case of Kakao, last year, Kakao Bank, Kakao Pay, and Kakao Games, the company rose to the third place in the market cap of large corporations, surpassing LG and Hyundai Motor Group, but the share price dropped more than 40 trillion.

Moreover, Kakao Pay fell more than 10% on the 13th, following the stock price of more than 15% per day due to the mass sales of Alipay, the second largest shareholder, Alipay.

Securities firms’ eyes are also lowering due to the sluggishness of Naver and Kakao. According to F & Guide, Naver’s target price is 42,941 won. The target stock proposed in August and September last year fell about 24% from 55,316 won.

Kakao also dropped by about 30% from 17,421 won to 125,000 won in the same period. In the case of Kakao, 16 domestic securities firms presented their target price.